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Jay helped us through a very difficult time after the accident. We needed to focus on recovering, not dealing with all the bills, paperwork and insurance companies. We felt such comfort in knowing that we had a ‘friend’ looking out for our best interest! When it was time to settle with the insurance company, Jay made sure all our concerns were addressed and resolved before we signed. We really appreciated that extra care!

For me, Jay took a hopeless situation, and through his perseverance, reached a wonderful conclusion! I reached out to Jay after little movement and no results from my first Attorney regarding my Dinner Theatre Business’ Million Dollar Bad Faith Insurance claim. Jay hit the ground running! He fought for me and kept me informed at every turn. Jay challenged all of the Insurance Company’s claims. His efforts and dedication, as well as his staff’s, were extraordinary.

I was the target of a frivolous law suit. This was something that had never happened to me and I knew I needed an attorney. I retained Jay Edmonds because I knew I needed someone in whom I had confidence.

After 3 years and several thousand dollars, the suit was dropped in big part because of Jay’s work. Due to Jay’s diligence, he discovered an obscure rule that is rarely used and got my money back for me. I know that Jay does not give up. He works hard for each and every client. Honesty, integrity and hard work. I trusted Jay then and I trust him now!

Major Settlements Jay Has Won

2003 – Medical Malpractice – $1 million
2006 – Wrongful Death – $1 million
2010 – Auto Accident – $100 thousand
2010 – Wrongful Death – $600 thousand
2012 – Auto Accident/Personal Injury – $550 thousand
2014 – Auto Accident/Personal Injury – $230 thousand
2015 – Insurance Claim – $206 thousand
2018 – Bad Faith Insurance Claim – $711 thousand
2018 – Medical Malpractice/Infant Death Claim- $600 thousand